Specializing in terminologies of all medical fields (internal medicine, orthopedics, pediatrics, gynecology, in vitro fertilization, general medicine, diabetes, ears-nose-throat, immunology, ophthalmology, rheumatology, oncology, plastic surgery, general surgery, maxillofacial surgery, extra-corporeal circulation, traumatology, cardiology, urology, psychiatry, sports medicine, palliative care, diving and aviation medicine, radiology, oral cavity pathology, anaesthesiology, pneumonology) and of related fields (nursing, sterilization, nutrition, psychoanalysis, pharmaceuticals, speech therapy etc).

Specializing particularly in dentistry terminology (esthetic dentistry, dental implants, orthodontics, periodontology, endodontics)

Subjects of social relevance, employment, migration, education and training, sports, tourism, public administration
Law-related topics
Topics related to trade & finance, banking, management, marketing, innovation, entrepreneurship
Environment, energy, alternative energy sources, climate
Technical projects, constructions, real estate, telecommunications, Information Technologies, mine engineering, conservation of archeological monuments, geology, seismology, architecture
Transportations by land, sea, air, multimodal transportations
Defense Industry
Political and military topics
Topics related to Public Order & Security, Armed Forces, etc
Ecclesiastic, theological conferences
Archeology, art, technology, philosophy, history, psychology

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