The Interpretation agency P. Drossou – M. Pagomenou which began operating in 2004, provides professional interpretation and translation, catering to the needs of conference organizers in Greece. The founding members and owners P. Drossou and M. Pagomenou have been active interpreters over the past 20 years.

With the aim of assuring optimal results while at the same time maintaining competitive prices, we play a consultative role in providing our customers with expert advice on the smooth functioning of all the interpretation requirements during their conferences, seminars and meetings.

All interpreters working for our agency have qualifications accredited by the European Union Bodies and we are in a position to cater for all the languages requested at any given conference, employing all the interpretation modes at our disposal (simultaneous, consecutive, chuchotage) even in specialized fields using highly specific terminologies.

Our reliability, professionalism and flexibility have been recognized in our field and have always acted as a guarantee for our clients with whom we maintain long lasting working relationships.

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